The Challenge is changing!

May 17-18, 2014

CRCPlease join us for the fourth annual challenge. Our goal this year, and in the future, is to engage residents in creating resilient communities that know how to save water, grow food, conserve energy, and build resources- while educating and empowering as many people as possible in creating self-sufficient food- secure zones in every town!

This doesn’t have to be hard at all-it can be as simple as planting a fruit tree, tomatoes or herbs in various sized pots or planters.

It’s also an opportunity to create innovative gardens by removing lawns, and utilizing sunny apartment patios, school and church grounds and business premises.

The goal: Create 100+ gardens
throughout Marin County in one weekend!

To get involved, click here.

The benefits are many:

  • Create a healthy, safe & secure food supply

  • Save water

  • Cut greenhouse gas emissions

  • Build community

  • Beautify our neighborhoods

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